Atmospheric Sites

Designing Atmospheric Websites

I came upon this very nice article in titled, Designing Atmospheric Websites, found it a very good read and helpful as well.

I agree tho most of the author’s idea here and that is what I’m trying to emulate in my site – more of capturing my audience through the mood and atmosphere of the site. Am just hoping that I’m successful enough.

I Made it!!!

Yes!!! I survived the “Takbo Para sa Kalikasan” marathon. I finished the 10k run in 57min. A little faster than my usual run in Marikina. It was quite an experience and challenging as well. I don’t know my rank yet but I know I’m somewhere in between, I was behind a group of orange cadets. The first one who finished the 10k made it around 31minutes only. Well that was a feat!

Also on the way home I bumped into Leo, an old co-climber during the “Escape” days, who I found texting. It turned out he joined the 3k run in which his company endorses that they join. He seems okay but at the same time, hesitant. Didn’t mind though. It was nice to see him again.

Yesterday by the way was also a great “Lakbay”. Amazing, as we never expected to find a “little heaven”, just slightly outside Metro Manila. It was such a beautiful, intriguing place that we really enjoyed and also a Photographer’s Delight.

Haaaaaah. What an eventful weekend, now I have to go back to work mode and finish all my pending responsibilities….

Have a good day people!!!

Friday the 13th?

Hey, I wouldn’t even know that it was the Friday the 13th today, I mean I didn’t mind that it’s supposed to be, bad luck day. Maybe that’s why it felt like I had a bad hair day today. Anyways I won’t have any hair problems for a while since I went back to my semi-kalbo (semi-bald) look, yeah a true comfort.

I guess it’s all in your mind, all those superstitious stuff or I’m really just too pre-occupied.

A Case of a Bad hair day

Ahhh! Those days where you wake up suddenly on the wrong side of the bad and you look into the mirror to find you really hate the way your hair grows. Thinking of going bald again because I found my hair really have no sense of direction. Its thisck, stubbly and I it’s like I have a porcupine in my head.

Well tomorrow’s Valentine again and I have no Valentines. Anyways, my friends and I are planning to have a liesurely stroll around the towns of Rizal, passing by some historical churches and a little bit of nature tripping, ending with a Picnic in Daranak Falls.

Have a good day people.


Wow!! I didn’t expect this. Thanks to the guys at PixelBureaufor adding this site to their Site Tracks directory. Quite flattering really and ashamed at the same time as there’s still some layout bugs and un-layouted tempates on my blog. Well it’s one reason to start working on the other sections of my site.

Do check out PixelBureau: Creativity that Inspires

Really made my day when I thought it was starting to get a bit gloomy…

I can do it!!!!

Hehehe. I just got home, freshly sweat dried and sticky from running 25 laps in 1 hour and 5 minutes right there in Marikina Sports Center. It’s my long run training for the “Takbo Para sa Kalikasan” Marathon. 25 laps is equivalent to a 10k run which I’m participating. Somehow my confidence that I can finish the race has boosted and I’m not that exhausted after the run. That’s why I can do it!!!

I’m still getting a lot of hits from search engines regarding “Takbo para sa Kalikasa”. Guys I’m sorry but registration ended last Friday so I guess you have to join the “GMA Fun Run” instead. And I’m not related whatsoever to the event organizers.

Also I’m glad my freelance client pushed through with the project and I will sign the terms and agreement sometime this week. More muchos baby!!!

Just upgraded my hosting by the way. Needed more space for my works. Now I got 3x more space and I got a bunch of things on my mind to do with it. Well gotta go, gotta take a shower….

Island Hangover

If I close my eyes for a momment, I would fall asleep in front of my PC. I’m so damn sleepy. It seems my weekend island stay – ala survivor style – have me feeling so zoned out.

Anyways it was a nice overnight weekend stay at Capones Island in Pundaquit, Zambales with Lakbay Unlimited. We had the whole island for ourselves that night. I’m still gathering my thoughts on what to write about it.

Meanwhile I have to whip up a new template for my blog and aside from that I’m running out of space on my server. Gotta upgrade soon. Not only that, I’d have to pay for my domain renewal. Sheesh, gotta list down all these things to do.