Hey I’m OK!

Hahaha! It’s funny how when a member of your family reads about your thoughts or other stuff. My sister called up the other day after having found my blogand she read allthe entry. 😛

It’s okay though, despite what i write sometimes here I’m okay. It was just those moments and after a few days will be gone. Like my frustration in the recent entry, I just tried out the guys plucking style and was able to do it. It’s just a matter of practice and I decided to continue on with playing my guitar no matter how good or bad I am because I simply enjoy it!

Was able to canvass a few new guitars from Yamaha, JB music and RJ, will have to ask someone who knows to choose a quality guitar than me. Thanks again.

So Frustrated

God! I just got home from a lakbay urban gimmick, we ate Dinner at Don Hen (Don Henlin to Mutts),then went to Sonata in Malate where there was this nice acoustic performer.

You may ask why am I so frustrated, well for some weeks now I have returned on playing with my guitar. Diligently at night I try to remember those chords I use and even started singing with it. Somehow Music has been an unfinished business for me or something that I have dreamed about so big. Happily I was able to play a few songs which I think sounds great though I have to get used to my voice while singing. I got a recorder and listened to my play and it’s kinda acceptable.

Well a while ago I get to listen to a pro perform and I was so frustrated and inspired at the same time. But later on the frustration became stronger because I have so much to learn and he’s so good my self-esteem just went to an all time low.

It got me thinking, am I really up for this? Does my passion for music end just by listening and the dream to perform will only be a distant fantasy that will only stay a dream? Right now I’m really doubting my ability and it seems I would just stay as a frustrated artist as is and let my guitar rot in my room.

Sigh :{

Assistant Graphic Artist Needed

A friend of mine whose in line with a popular brand of clothing company here in the Philippines has an URGENT need for an Assistant Graphic Artist. So if you are currently a bum and resides within Metro Manila you can send your resume via his email address: [email protected]

So send in your resumes now!

Robert Alejandro

I just found this link when I was searching for a certain place here in the Philippines and was able to read much about this guy who somehow is an “Idol” on some aspects. Met him at the recent Philweavers Design conference and I really admired his works and how he works. Before that I never really know this guy who’s from the probe team, but after seing his works, the malls he has designed, the travels, somehow I would like to work the same way he does. Full of enjoyment!

To be able to do illustrations, book designs, graphics and to travel at the same time is somewhat a dream job. He’s also part of the INK (illustrador ng kabataan) which I’m hoping to try to be a part of this year. Well here’s a link to his article:




Hehehe. I’m a bit excited. I’m planning to join a 5k/10k run next month. I got this email regarding dzmm’s “Takbo Para sa Kalikasan” (Run for the Environment). Never tried that before but since I got a bunch of company who invited for the run, it’ll be a bit fun at the same time.

Never done this before so it’s quite exciting. Now got to train… got to train…

Whisper of the Heart

Whisper of the Heart

Have you ever seen the Anime “Whisper of the Heart”, talked about it last December, on how much I enjoyed the movie. It’s fun, realistic, inspirational and I really enjoyed the music.

Well I was also thinking about what the guy there did just to get close to the girl he wants and his passion for music. What if I try that once in a while, head to a library or someplace where I know I would meet someone special. Hmmm…. Valentines seems to getting to me somehow 😛

Visual Poetry Update

Got a new piece up at the Visual Poetry section entitled “Hear my heart”, well one of those momments when you thought you have found your muse. I rarley write love poems so try to check it out if you can.