Loosing weight fast?

Woke up a bit late today, was supposed to go jogging at in Marikina and try out those new Heel Gel i bought for my shoes. I had some heel pain due to the lost shock absorption of my shoes during my jogs. I decided to look at my weight that morning and I was abit surprised, 144lbs?!! Am I loosing weight to fast? I think it was just the first week of the month when I just wieghed around 148lbs, the other month 152lbs.

Dunno if I should be proud that I lost weight that fast or I fear I may be overtraining. I tried those online body mass calculators and it seemed the normal/healthy weight for my height actually. Having a light weight actually had lots of benifits actually, like having to wear those old clothes that I wasn’t ableto wear because of my waist size then and especially in speed and endurance in climbing.

I changed my program a bit… I may jog this afternoon though… I still hae to try out that heel gel I bought….

Flood my World

A sudden gush of words
Drowns my ever changing thoughts
I could only catch a few
that sets my world attune

Let this stream go forth and wash me
To cleanse this whole mind
And bring forth Clarity
In the damp regions of our minds

Go on flood my world
As God had done in Noah’s Time
And leave forth what matters most
So I could start anew in time

I leave the baggages behind
People we outgrew
Memories that are useless
Ideas that falters
And all the frustrations
And wash it away to the depths
Of an infinite Void
Never come back


It seems that half a year has always been my lifespan for thoughts, for things to look back, and thinks to think about. I remember 6 months ago when I left for Sagada alone to think about some major decisions in my life. Do I regret that decision? The year is coming to an end soon and I was looking back on all that had transpired around my life this year. The accomplishments, the frustrations, the emotions, the drama, the lessons. It’s one big chapter in this big whole life. Much of the coming days I will be an observation mode, a backseat driver while my ego/conscous self play out his drama… Another major change awaits….

Sun rises and the sun sets
Change of seasons, we see in effect
The Cold wind blows, the heat reflects
In every season, a change affects

It’s time again
To look behind
The road I had taken
So then I’ll find

Which signs I’ve noticed
Which signs I passed by
the roads I ignored
and the roads heavily treaded

It’s time again
To decide where to go,
What to do,
As the fall of leaves
Signals the coming change
The new moon dances,
As the sun laughs behind
The stars are my audience
In this comedy of life

Some Pulag Photos

I uploaded a temporary site for the Pulag Photos I took from Lakbay Unlimited’s recent trip. It’s temporary and I’ll take it down after a couple of weeks after my friends have seen it. Check it out here:



What a day will be?

Was not able to write an entry yesterday, post-trip days are so busy that there are a lot of things to clean up and maintain in your gear and clothes. It took me almost half of the day. After which I met up with new friend Elle who has a CD burned for a friend of mine in US. Got my Mt. Pulag film rolls scanned to CD. Paid my monthly Bills (arghh that 2k electric bill was a big hole in my wallet) . Dinner was okay, my friends from Lakbay, Rod and Vidge joined up for an impromptu meeting and we ate at Luk Yuen megasmall, Elle joined for a while then left off with her friend later. Window shopping was fun, while Vidge try out clothes for some 3650 shots, Rod and I were scouting for some fine fabrics for our “Lakbay Unlimited” merchandise. Managed to make a Lakbay pin as well.

There were so much to discuss, we’ll be having some night photo shoot later at Intramuros as well as talk about the upcoming trips from the group…

Back from the Cold

Yes I’m back from the trip. Though I would like to write more about it, work time calls forth because of my absence. Though I have written a few paragraphs for my write-up that people can preview for now:

“I am trying to craft words to describe our recent scale in the highest point of Luzon in the Philippines, but words can’t seem to assimilate somehow and only chose a fleeting single word – Different. The experience was neither good nor bad, but it’s impact was more of a mixed feeling of exhaustion, excitement, temper, hunger, awe, amazement, disappointments, happiness and blistering cold.

Akiki trail isn’t frequented much by many mountaineers. If you look into the log book of the main DENR ranger station in Ambangeg, there is only an average of 15 groups who go by the trail each year compared to 80 groups who go by Ambangeg, maybe because of the fear of the name “killer-trail” perhaps. The groups trip was much delayed in terms of planning, individual member’s schedule doesn’t seem to coincide, perhaps Pulag wasn’t meant to be at that time, but after much “gusto”, the trip eventually materialized and there were the 9 who dare to walk the trail.”

To be continued….

Changing Online World

Hey, by the way thanks for the people who gave nice personal comments prior to the site relaunch. Salamat Po!!!

Words are powerful really and sometimes I have to eat my words too. (so shoot me now)

The online world is so vast even if you are just viewing it through the limited spaces in your monitor and it is growing more rapidly making the world smaller and smaller by the minute. And the recent “Friendster-Frenzy” seems to prove that it is growing into a more inter-personal network more than a digital thread of modems and cables. I guess the idea of meeting new people that easily for whatever reasons is what attracts people to this friends-network. Hence the popping up of similar sites like myspace, tribe, paljunction. And recently I read sumting that microsoft will have their own version of friendster as well integrated in their new OS.

Well wether we see these changes are good or bad, it’s up to you. For me though I have met some new friends I can exchange email once in a while and maybe chat too once in a while. I met my current outdoor group in the internet and that is something I have to thank for actually…