Where’s the Flash Content?

I apologize again to the people who’s been coming from flash portal or directory sites. I promise to have new flash content in the coming weeks, I will also upload the old versions which were done in flash so it can be viewed again by the public. Been playing around with Flash MX 2004 trial and found some nifty stuff there. Just wait up for some goodies…


Just the other day I signed a contract to regularize my employment in my current company. Also there was this task of specifying 3 goals for the next six months. These goals may be in specializing in certain softwares and gaining certificates or learning new skills that will help the person as well as the company. Up to now, weeks had passed I have not been able to specify two more goals, it made me think a lot really. GOALS.

I’ve been trying to find new softwares to learn but it’s not that easy here as all software in our company are original and adding one would entail buying another pricy original. I’ve also looked into the ICS courses in which my friend/officemate is currently involved right now but there isn’t one that I’m kinda interested in really. I asked our project manager if it’s alright to enroll in some short courses and she said it was okay. Right now I’m still in search actually on what to enroll in.

Well digging deeper, and thinking wider, the search for a goal made me think about my direction and asked myself “What do I really wanna do? Where am I heading here?”. Years back like in college I had a clear picture of this in my mind. I was able to formulate an “Ideal” that would guide me in my decisions until I finished college. An ideal you say, well it’s something of a goal, which is like a guiding star, you can’t reach it but it can guide you to the right direction. I’ve lost that ideal somehow and now I have to fish it out again. There are so much direction to choose, so many paths to follow…Maybe someone from a distance could throw a stone at me from a certain direction so it could call my attention 😛


I’m trying fo figure out what to do…

I know I have things to do butI’m sorta zoned out.

December, it’s kind of hard to believe that we still have no Xmas decoration here at home. Everyone’s seems to be abit busy lately to set up our decorations. Haven’t even bought gifts.

By the way the heel gel was very comfy. I didn’t experience any heel pain after running 15 laps straight in Marikina Sports Complex.

Hmmm… what to do…. what to do….

Loosing weight fast?

Woke up a bit late today, was supposed to go jogging at in Marikina and try out those new Heel Gel i bought for my shoes. I had some heel pain due to the lost shock absorption of my shoes during my jogs. I decided to look at my weight that morning and I was abit surprised, 144lbs?!! Am I loosing weight to fast? I think it was just the first week of the month when I just wieghed around 148lbs, the other month 152lbs.

Dunno if I should be proud that I lost weight that fast or I fear I may be overtraining. I tried those online body mass calculators and it seemed the normal/healthy weight for my height actually. Having a light weight actually had lots of benifits actually, like having to wear those old clothes that I wasn’t ableto wear because of my waist size then and especially in speed and endurance in climbing.

I changed my program a bit… I may jog this afternoon though… I still hae to try out that heel gel I bought….

Flood my World

A sudden gush of words
Drowns my ever changing thoughts
I could only catch a few
that sets my world attune

Let this stream go forth and wash me
To cleanse this whole mind
And bring forth Clarity
In the damp regions of our minds

Go on flood my world
As God had done in Noah’s Time
And leave forth what matters most
So I could start anew in time

I leave the baggages behind
People we outgrew
Memories that are useless
Ideas that falters
And all the frustrations
And wash it away to the depths
Of an infinite Void
Never come back


It seems that half a year has always been my lifespan for thoughts, for things to look back, and thinks to think about. I remember 6 months ago when I left for Sagada alone to think about some major decisions in my life. Do I regret that decision? The year is coming to an end soon and I was looking back on all that had transpired around my life this year. The accomplishments, the frustrations, the emotions, the drama, the lessons. It’s one big chapter in this big whole life. Much of the coming days I will be an observation mode, a backseat driver while my ego/conscous self play out his drama… Another major change awaits….

Sun rises and the sun sets
Change of seasons, we see in effect
The Cold wind blows, the heat reflects
In every season, a change affects

It’s time again
To look behind
The road I had taken
So then I’ll find

Which signs I’ve noticed
Which signs I passed by
the roads I ignored
and the roads heavily treaded

It’s time again
To decide where to go,
What to do,
As the fall of leaves
Signals the coming change
The new moon dances,
As the sun laughs behind
The stars are my audience
In this comedy of life

Some Pulag Photos

I uploaded a temporary site for the Pulag Photos I took from Lakbay Unlimited’s recent trip. It’s temporary and I’ll take it down after a couple of weeks after my friends have seen it. Check it out here: