Stay | Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort: A Stormy Sojourn

Our room at the Terrace Hotel
Our room at the Terrace Hotel

I honestly can’t remember much from last I went here. It was more than a decade ago. I was still working for an American IT company and it was our company outing. Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort is popular for company outings aside from diving. What I clearly remember was the stunning sunset, playful pawikan and amazing snorkeling just in front of the property. When a chance to go back to the resort came, I thought, why not? It would be interesting to see how things have changed.

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Finned Feet

Finned Feet

I’m so pre-occupied right now that my blogging movement is akin to having finned feet. Hehehe. Anyways, I’ll just finish up some stuff and get back to some serious blogging. Meanwhile enjoy the photo which was taken in on of the beaches in Anilao, Batangas.

Underwater Madness

Anilao Pawikan

Finally got my underwater pics scanned to CD courtesy of my friend at Columbia Megasmall. It’s amazing how a lot of people are excitied to see themselves underwater. And I’m quite glad at some of my underwater shots. Though I wish I could have done a lot better. Or I had more film in my camera.

Anilao Sharks

Played with a Pawikan

Anilao Sunset

It’s back to work again after a nice weekend at Eagle’s Point in Anilao Batangas. It was a fun company outing. I reallly enjoyed the marine life there. The water clarity is amazing and the variety and number of fishes are overwhelming. It’s just amazing.

And there’s this Man Made Reef pool where you could swim with the sharks. The harmless ones anyways. And for the first time I have played with a Pawikan (Large Sea Turtle) up close and even touch it’s back. It was really fun and amazing. Then at the reef itself. It’s the first time I ever saw underwater an tornado like formation of fishes so many it’s colors so dazzling. I entered in and it was just great.

Really enjoyed the weekend. I may come back to that place sometime in the future if I’m craving for more Underwater Snorkeling. By far the best marine and coral life I’ve seen near Manila. But right now I’m craving for the mountains. I’ll be in Sagada next week again.

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