Baguio: Art and Nature fuse at BenCab Museum

Bencab Museum Contemporary Art Gallery

BenCab Museum Contemporary Art Gallery

National Artist Benedicto Cabrera, popularly known as BenCab made another milestone landmark when he built a Museum in his beloved town of Baguio. The BenCab Museum recently opened early this year and I had the chance to see the place. Never did I expect that a museum along Asin road in Baguio could be one of the best museums in the country I’ve been. It’s simply an art and nature fusion haven.


Christmas Doodle

Christmas Doodle

Did a quick doodle with color pencils here. It was for our Kris Kringle the other day at our office. The theme was “something you made by hand“, so I did this very quick doodle for my “baby”.

Today’s our company Christmas party and I was asked to be one of the Emcees. Arrgh! I really just want to be on the sidelines and eat and just take pictures. Anyways I hope I can pull this off, it’s just a small gathering anyways. Advance Merry Christmas!

Ferdz Folio

Ferdz Folio

It would seem I have been having trouble with the Sparm Karma plugin in WordPress, which produces some error when making a comment. Switched back to Akismet for now until I could figure out the problem so comments are ok again. Damn those Spam Robots!

Anyways, I was inspired by Sir Jeff of Dubai Chronicles to do my own digital portfolio. Actually it’s also because I got job interviews ahead because I’m thinking of switching jobs. And I thought it’s high time I update my portfolio so I spent much of my long weekend doing this. So if there are any creative openings you know please email me 🙂

You can check out my Portfolio here. It’s around 2mb.

You must have Adobe Acrobat installed to view the file.

State of Emergency editorial

Editorial State of Emergency

Did a quick doodle with a gel-o pen for the next issue of Philippine Mabuhay News. It’s what I thought of what’s happening right now with the media under the “State of Emergency“.


National Artist Fidel Go

National Artist, Fidel Antiporda Go

Looking into my handy street map and a list of places to go, we trodded along the streets of Vigan to see more of the place. Well upper north of Vigan we stumbled upon Pinagburnayan. And what perfect timing as National Folk Artist, Fidel Antiporda Go, was about to give a demonstration on making a Burnay Jar. Interesting seeing the process, from taking a clay, molding it first, a dash of sand before putting it on a potter’s wheel where it is manually operated by a foot. Shaping it depends on your hands and fingers. After these clay jars are shaped, they are put on fire in a kiln. Though there are many jars being oven-ized, not all are well made. If there are like 100 jars in a dragon shaped kiln only about 10 would be well made.

Burnay Jars

A sea of jars

Ilocos is the home of these burnay jars which preseded spanish times. The Chinese introduced these jars in the pre-colonial times as an all weather storage for their products during which they shipped around other countries. For Ilocanos, they use these jars to ferment fish sauce, vinigar and “Basi”, their local wine. They bury these jars underground to seal out air for perfect fermentation. (more…)

Audio High

Audio High

Just finished this artwork I was doing titled Audio High. Made in Macromedia Freehand. Arggh! I hope that merger doesn’t mess up with Freehand. It’s my fav vector drawing tool and it’s kind of a hassle if they just let go of it or change it radically. Well, let’s see…