Shell Art Competition

Oil Category

First Place Oil Category

Watercolor Category

First Place Watercolor Category

Sculpture Category

First Place Sculpture Category

I was deleting pictures from my camera phone and found some pics I failed to post on. The exhibit has passed but I would like to site my observation. I remember in college when we were all required to join this competition. Apologies though as I already forgot the names of the winners and what school are they from.

What I observed in the exhibited entries is, their styles delve more on surrealist and metaphorical themes. Realism is very minimal here. It’s actually a good thing for me as it focuses more on the concept instead of just being able to paint realistically. Not that I don’t like “Realism” in general, I really like how the paintings and sculptures were executed based on their concepts. I enjoyed looking at the works and think that they had gone far now. I wasn’t able to see who the judges were but I think they did a great job there.

Sigh. 😮 I miss painting….