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Bohol: Rev Up at Baclayon’s Dune Buggy Trail and Eco-Tour

Dune Buggy Trail Ride
Dune Buggy Trail Ride at Baclayon Bohol (shot with Seair Inflight)

I felt like a kid again with a new toy as I stepped on the gas and feel the engines surge as it rev up and cuts the wind heavily as my dune buggy speeds up on the rough trail. I held on the wheel as I turn on a corner, veering towards my left. Woah! There’s a cliff with a high drop on my right. Scary but I took the challenge and drove on the rocky and dusty trail despite the fear. Now this is what I call fun, I never thought there would be a Dune Buggy Trail Ride offering in Baclayon. It is certainly something different and new for this part of Bohol.

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Bohol: More Extreme Adventure at EAT Danao

EAT Danao The Plunge

Doing the Plunge at EAT Danao

It was an unexpected but a welcome surprise when I found out that Acer would be bringing us to Bohol for their annual Acer Media Challenge with this year’s theme “Survival of the Explorers“. Funny thing is, when we got there I’ll be going back the next day at the same resort where we were staying for a project after the Acer event. Call it coincidence or whatnot because Acer has been tight lip about the destination until the day itself. While it would have been convenient if I had known so I didn’t have to go back to Manila and get my gears, I didn’t mind. Besides it’s good to stock up on some miles.

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Baguio: The North Face 100 Marathon Winners and my 11k Trail Run

TNF 100 Trail Run 50k runner Gold Winner Julius Bay-An

TNF 100 50k Winner Julius Bay-an near the finish line

I wasn’t really planning to run. I haven’t really run for years and my last run for 10k was more than 4 years ago as I recall. I didn’t run competitively after that and just do leisurely runs on the nearby track and field near our home. But morning of the 25th April 2010, I found myself running in a pine covered eco-trail in Baguio at Camp John Hay, catching my breath at least 1500m above sea level and racing to finish an 11k race at The North Face 100 Trial Running Marathon in Baguio. It’s my first time to do a trail run which is so much different on running on pavement. It was fun and it was challenging trying to define my limits.

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Baguio: Gear up for Ambuklao and Kennon Road Eco-Adventure

Ambuklao Geared up for Kayak

All geared up for Ambuklao Kayaking

Baguio has always been known as the summer capital. People flock here to enjoy the cool weather, great food and shopping. Aside from that, it’s the gateway to the northern mountains like climbing Mt. Pulag or when heading to Sagada. But Baguio is gearing up to make people stay within city vicinity by introducing eco-adventures around Baguio.