Fort Ilocandia

Fort Ilocandia Fountain

Fort Ilocandia Fountain

Spanning 77 hectares in area, Fort Ilocandia, the only five-star hotel resort in northern Luzon, is also considered as one of the largest resorts in Asia. This historical fort is adorned with terra-cotta brick walls highlighted by warm lightings in the hallways and numerous paintings on the walls. It will surely warp you back in the Grand Spanish era.


Retracing northern Luzon

Ilocos Norte Bridge

Ilocos Norte welcome bridge to Laoag town proper

These past few days has been a pretty fast paced trip up in northern Luzon. It really felt like we’re contestants in an Amazing Race as we have to use public transportation to get from one place to another and at the same times asking people directions along the way. It was fun ride.

It was like 15 years ago during my grade school that I first went around Northern Luzon. My dad used to travel a lot and it was like that summer during the end of my grade school that me, my mom and dad along with his friends hopped in our old L300. It remember I really had fun at that time even though I can barely recall the details of the places I visited.

So this time around, along with 3 of my companions, we ventured off to a Vigan-Laoag-Pagudpud road trip (by public transport). And I’m really excited to retrace the routes I walked during my childhood.