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Singapore: Marina Barrage Night

Marina Barrage

Singapore’s Marina Barrage

Singapore is flooded. I think it was almost waist deep. I could see some old cars toppled on the streets and people carrying their belongings above the water. I would have believed if this scene was taken in the Philippines a few months back but that this was taken in Singapore. It was in the 1960s when Singapore suffered massive floods during the rainy season. I was looking at photographs more than 45 years ago at Marina Barrage and was just amazed how floods are nonexistent at this time since then.

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Singapore: The Marina Bay and Merlion Park

Singapore Merlion Park

The Merlion with Singapore CBD at the back

Pardon my indulgence as I become a casual tourist on this post. I know there are probably thousands of Merlion photos in the web. It’s just that the first time I went to Singapore, I never got to see the Merlion Statue as it was hidden behind walls on its regular maintenance shower. The 2nd time around I was too busy to go there so it was only on my recent visit that I get to take photos of Marina Bay and Merlion Park with the Merlion there.

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Singapore: Birding at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Sungei Buloh Egrets

Sungei Buloh Egrets Trio

I always thought that the small island country of Singapore has developed into a full-blown modern city in all corners. But beyond its neatly paved road and architectural playground, I was still able to find some spots where people can enjoy the beauty of nature. While I was looking into the Heritage Parks of the ASEAN member countries, I discovered that Singapore has one nature park listed named Sungei Buloh. So when I was there I made sure to visit the place.


Manila: Revisiting the Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park

Kids enjoying at Manila Ocean Park

So how is everything in Manila Ocean Park after more than 1 year and a half since it opened? I remember being proud that we finally have a world class oceanarium here in Manila. I got a chance to visit the Park again just to be updated on the development of the place. Well, as I have seen so far, things have been going rather slow.

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Manila: The Dancing Jellies of Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park Jellies Display Hallway

Manila Ocean Park Jellies Display Hallway

When at sea, jelly fishes creeps me out. When beach waters are populated by these I’m hesitant to swim through. Imagine getting scars, itchiness and even fatal wounds from them. Last thing I want is getting myself pee-ed on just to neutralize the poison, or so I heard. I know I try to avoid them when I see them but I also can’t help but be fascinated by them as well. These semi-transparent sea creatures are very graceful dancers of the sea. And I find them even more fascinating when I saw a lot of them in Manila Ocean Park’s separate exhibit, Jellies, Dancing Sea Faeries.

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Malaysia: Sunway Lagoon and Euphoria by the Ministry of Sound

Sunway Lagoon Resort Pool and Hotels

Sunway Lagoon Resort Pool and 5-star Hotels

Coming in late at night the day before gave us only a limited amount of sleep. So by afternoon we were already loosing energy. Our drive to Petaling Jaya, Selangor for the Sunway Lagoon Resort from the Tugu Negara rendered most of us snatching some sleep. It was a 30 minutes drive. Good thing roads in Malaysia are smooth and wide. We arrived at Sunway Pyramid Mall where we had our lunch then an hour later we went down to Malaysia’s Premiere theme park, the Sunway Lagoon.

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Malaysia: A visit to Istana Negara and Tugu Negara

Tugu Negara Monument

Tugu Negara, Malaysia’s National Monument and the world’s largest bronze sculpture

Emerging fresh from the underwater world of Aquaria KLCC we were brought to a couple of Malaysia’s significant national sites – the Istana Negara and Tugu Negara. The word “Negara” actually means “nation”, hence the former is the National Palace also known as the King’s Palace and the later is the National Monument.