Seda Vertis North: Filipino Art Meets Filipino Hospitality in QC

Seda Vertis North 3rd floor hallway
Seda Vertis North 3rd floor hallway

From my window up 15 floors, I see the EDSA traffic but thankfully couldn’t hear it.   I’ve passed through this area time and time again, mostly onboard the MRT and what I remember is the long stretch of not-so-idle land in between the intersection of Quezon Boulevard and the corner in front of SM City North EDSA, as well as the space where an MRT train makes a detour, parked quite away from motorists plying the main thoroughfare  Then, Trinoma happened.  Now, a newer, more prominent landmark has opened this side of Quezon City — Seda Vertis North.

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Cocoon Boutique Hotel | A Nest for Relaxation in Bustling Manila

The master bedroom in the Junior Suite
The master bedroom in the Junior Suite

There’s this distinctive charm I find in Cocoon Boutique Hotel that I can’t really put into words clearly. This small boutique hotel by the corner of Scout Tobias near Timog in Quezon City looks unpretentious from the outside with only about six floors (including the rooftop) and stretching wider on the Scout Rallos side. It was a different story once I got into the lobby. Like going through a rabbit hole, the high-ceiling lobby, the gorgeous vintage grand piano, the excellent woodwork on the walls, touch of color and life from the indoor plants and then there’s the genuine smile as the staff welcomed us.

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E-500 Field test

Gateway Dome Ceiling

Gateway, Araneta, Dome Ceiling

Spent some of my time this weekend playing around with my new Olympus E500 toy and trying to get accustomed with its controls and settings. I think I’m getting a hang of it as some of its controls and menus are somewhat similar to C750. Still I think I have to adjust to its more detailed white balance settings and focusing. Below are some field test samples. No post-processing done, just resizing, watermark and web compression.

One thing I enjoy from the E500 is its 14-45mm Zuiko Kit Lens which is a 28-90mm equivalent on a 35mm camera standard. It’s a nice wide angle lens and focusing is quite fast as well. The dome shot in Araneta’s Gateway has was shot in full wide angle (28mm), Aperture Priority at f3.5, shutter at 1/10sec handheld, Auto White Balance and an ISO of 100.

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Freakin’ Burnt Out!!

Timog, Quezon City

Ok, I’m about to sleep now. Today I really feel burnt out! For the first time I’ve stayed until 7:30pm at the office trying to finish a freakin’ impossible deadline of Alpha 1 of the 3 sites. And bad thing was that I’m not getting paid for that excess times. [email protected]$& !!! Sheesh!

Ok I’ve breathed it out. Well after work I still managed to catch up with the guys at Export Bank. Good thing they waited for me while I fix up the last details from the site. We drove to Quezon City where we had dinner at Kababs. Was able to sample this new spicy curry dish which I forgot the name. But it was nice and satisfying. I left early though cause my head is still throbbing from all those concentration.

I am too focused at work that I didn’t even notice that one of my travel-buddy Vidge visited the office and kept calling me until I looked on the other side. Well that was quite funny. Eds also introduced his GF(?) Mhean to the group. Was surprised really cause I didn’t know that it was already them. Hmmm…. he’s keeping it secret ? Well they seem to be ok. Haven’t seen Rod for some time there. It was nice to hear Grace and Him bicker around. I heard also that Drew got into an accident. Dunno if it was true or not as he has a reputation to joke around. Talk about “the boy who cried wolf”.

Well gotta go. A new day tomorrow and my eyes are starting to shut without me knowing.

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