Batanes Travel Guide | Sabtang Island

Say hello to the En Route Sabtang Island eGuide! Part two of the three-part Ironwulf En Route Batanes Travel Guide downloadable PDF travel guides. This eGuide contains details about Sabtang island, its villages, getting in and out, getting around and lodgings for overnight stay. Every page of this guide is complemented by gorgeous images that is sure to inspire photography enthusiasts to take along their camera for the trip.

What’s Inside

  • Cover
  • Publication Information
  • Table of Contents
  • Sabtang Island
    • Getting there and away
    • Things you need to know
    • Getting around
    • Stay
  • Explore
    • Map of Sabtang
    • Savidug
    • Chavayan
    • Malakdang
    • Nakanmuan and Sumnanga
    • Ivuhos and Adekey Islands

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How to use: The Travel eGuide is in PDF format. On a computer, it can be read by Adobe Acrobat. For Apple IOS , I would recommend importing the PDF into iBooks. Android devices can use Adobe Acrobat Lite. In-browser PDF viewer download may not display the ebook correctly. I recommend saving it first then opening it on your PDF reader of choice.

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